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Warrior Cat Outline

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Warrior Cat Outline
This is what my warrior cat drawings look like before I colour them in. You can take this and colour it in. Just don't claim it as your own. PLEASE. For the sake of my sanity! (If I have any left)
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This is a clan with many flaws, yet it is perfect in the eye of the beholder. Known for their fighting skills, not their loyalty, BoneClan cats are fearsome in battle, and very intelligent.

Leader: Jetstar

Deputy: NightMoon

Medicine Cat: open

Medicine Cat Apprentice: open


In this clan, all the cats are wiry, lean and fast from hunting their only prey, rabbits, across the windswept moorlands. BreezeClan cats are very loyal and easy to insult, so watch your tounge around them!

Leader: Swiftstar

Deputy: Windblaze

Medicine Cat: Honeyfur

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Ratpaw


These cats that live by the sea are ruthless killers and known far and wide for their skill in hunting fish. WaveClan cats are very proud, and almost fearless.

Leader: Blazestar

Deputy: Shadowfury

Medicine Cat: Rosepetal

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Goldpaw


Deep in the cedar forest bordering the mountains, MossClan is a clan of healers, soft-furred and wise.Their main prey is squirrels.
Leader: Eaglestar

Deputy: Smokefur 

Medicine Cat: Charredleaf

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Aurorapaw


 This clan is, well...prickly. These hill-dwellers do not divulge their secrets to anyone. Thistleclan is known for their feirce and swift battle moves.

Leader: Bravestar

Deputy: Whitetail

Medicine Cat: Autumnleaf

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Sandfeather


This is a clan of clan of peace-makers, and dislike fighting......but you don't want to get on their bad side!
Leader: Darkstar

Deputy: Open 

Medicine Cat: Snowcloud

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Open



Rainclan is full of lean, powerful warriors. A clan of very proud warriors, they will not refuse a challenge.

Leader: Stonestar

Deputy: Gingerstep

Medicine Cat: Shortlegs

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Open


These cats are great warriors, but would prefer that that the forest remains peaceful. 

Leader: Rainstar

Deputy: Applefur

Medicine Cat: Ravenwing

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Open



 They are just a group of cats that travels wherever they please, stopping every so often at their Havens, or Refuges, that are old buildings in twolegplace. Kittypets call them 'Wanderers'.
Leader: Wolfstar

Deputy: Slitz

Medicine Cat: Lilystem 

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Open